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  • Created Aug 21 '12
  • Last Post May 9 '14 at 8:50am
  • Status Complete
  • System Paranoia

Game Description

Welcome to year 214 of the Computer! You will find that things are very different here. For one thing everything is perfect! Thatís right! There is no war, famine, disease, and everyone is happy (happiness is mandatory)! How can this be you may ask? Why it is all thanks to our friend The Computer! All hail the Computer!!!

How did this all come to be? Long ago, at the dawn of The Computer, life was much different. All over the world people started to build domed cities and people were free to travel from city to city. Each city was controlled by its own highly advanced computer. Each computer primary function was to keep its citizens happy! It took care of every need and want. All one had to do was ask and the computer would take care of it. One fateful day the dreaded communists attacked! But The Computer sealed Alpha Complex and saved all its citizens! Thank The Computer! To protect us from further attacks The Computer permanently sealed the Complex so no one was allowed to leave for our own protection.

In an effort to maintain its primary function to keep its citizens happy and safe, the wise and powerful Computer made some changes. All citizens were assigned a clearance level based on the visible spectrum (ruffly) Infrared, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet and finally Ultraviolet. Infraredís are the lowest and most numerous citizens. Going up from there showed ones loyalty to Alpha Complex and the Computer. Very few make it to Ultraviolet. They are the most trusted in all of Alpha. They are also called, High Programmers. They are entrusted with the most important job of all. Maintaining our wonderful Computer! The Computer oversees every aspect of every citizenís lives. When to wake, when to eat, when to work and even what job is best for us.

It is many many years since that fateful day when the Complex was sealed. With Friend Computer controlling all information, and rightfully so, all knowledge of the life before is all but gone. The 'outside' is nothing but rumor and a treasonous rumor at that. Anyone talking about the 'outside' will be terminated as a traitor. There is no Sun, grass, bugs, or animals either. All of this and much much more is treason!

So enjoy your stay in Alpha Complex. You have to! It's mandatory! :)

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