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The Aether Barrier has existed for untold Eons, and above it the world thrives. The Chained lands, floating continents so called because great chains anchor them through the Aether Barrier, support many kingdoms, mageocracies, and theocracies, which in turn control the wisps, islands that float in the Aether currents around the Chained lands. Githzarai and Githyanki share the largest of these continents, Mundus, and have settled into an uneasy peace. The great Packs control the smallest, Drevo, with a losse authority that comes with their werewolf nature. Ilma is a great lake, supporting the elven boat lords and the Sanghuin undersea hordes. The last, Fract, plays host to no fewer than nineteen warring human kingdoms, some no larger than a castle, others rivaling any single pack.
All nations have a navy, because to fall into the Aether Barrier is to die.

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