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Throughout your life, have you ever wished for power? The power to do whatever you wanted, the power to make anyone else do what you wanted? The power to move whole nations with your words or mountains with nothing but sheer force? That is what I offer you on this day. With but this ring, I can grant you power you could only have dreamed of.

Ah, so you don't believe me? Well of course, why would I just give this to you? It's simple really. I just want to see what happens. What will you do with this power? Will you become a champion of justice and go through the world spreading order and goodness while crushing evil where it stands? Will you become a villain who crushes all in your path for dominance? Perhaps you will become a thrill seeker, traveling the land for new sights and experiences and new things to challenge you. Or perhaps you won't be satisfied with the power I give you, and you'll seek a power even greater?

I want to know what you will do, see what you become. Why limit yourself when you can become so much more? Just be careful not to lose yourself along the way.

Who am I Looking For?For this game, I am actively seeking 3 or 4 players who are able to post frequently and enjoy roleplaying. In the same vein, I want to see interesting characters that bring flavor to the game.

IMPORTANT!!!: I am also seeking a GM and maybe a co-GM as well to help run the game because hey, just because it is my idea doesn't mean I don't want to play along with you guys.

Who Are You?With that out of the way, you may now be asking, as a PC who exactly are you? Well theoretical person asking a question, the PCs of this game are very much not of this world. Yes, you are all aliens! Aliens from this little planet far away known as Earth. Well at your core anyway. All of your characters were originally normal people from present day Earth who one day met a man dressed in a very nice white suit offered you a plain, featureless, silver ring and upon accepting it you were brought to a world you've never heard of and with unbelievable powers.

The players are in no way working as a group, as they will be starting off on their own with nothing but the clothes on their back and the ring on their finger. From that point it's up to you and your characters on what they do from that point on.

How do I sign up?Just go to this thread in the game forum. There you will find the directions for creating your character's application and a bit about creating your character, however I must repeat that character sheets aren't needed until after players/characters are chosen. I am allowing players to submit up to two applications for characters however only one can be selected. Please don't let this detract from the quality of your applications though. It is better if you had one really good application rather than two average ones.

To Prospective DMs
Anyone wishing to DM or co-DM this game please send a private message to me. Mostly I need just a DM who is able to handle keeping track of the 4 or 5 players as well as come up with interesting scenarios that'll test us, or just let us run wild with our power, or just give us a laugh. Please notify if you want to be a DM say if you can operate on your own, or if you need a co-DM. Co-DMs please notify that you want to be a co-DM rather than a main one.

Either way, just send a private message and we can talk.

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