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The world of Weyard: long, long ago, Alchemy reigned supreme and unfettered. All nations and all people could harness the power of the elements to do amazing things: control the weather, cultivate vast swathes of land, turn lead into gold and even live forever. Humanity's unprecedented prosperity turned the entirety of the planet into a shining oasis.. But that prosperity soon led to madness: those with dark ambitions began to abuse the power of Alchemy, turning civilizations to dust and cracking the world apart in their quests for domination and power. In order to quell this immeasurable tide of dark intent, the Ancients devised a shocking and selfish plan: instead of allowing Alchemy to remain unbound, they sealed its power away for all eternity to prevent its inevitable misuse. Though a world without Alchemy seemed harsh and unforgiving to the people, the world had been saved from inevitable global cataclysm.

But though the Ancients were master practitioners of Alchemy, they did not truly understand it. For if they had, they would have known that Alchemy was the binding force of the planet, the beating heart that kept it alive. Without it, Weyard began a slow decline that lasted age upon age. The world began to wither and die, eroding away into the abyss as Gaia falls retreated ever inward. As the eons past, the populous forgot about Alchemy and remained blissfully unaware that the world itself was poised to give out underneath them, to crumble away into the inky void. If Alchemy had not been returned to the world, it would have surely died. But, perhaps thanks to fate, a group of eight unlikely children banded together to strike back at the looming destruction of the world. They traveled the plane of Weyard and relit the Elemental Beacons, giving birth to the Golden Sun and unleashing Alchemy on the world once more.

Five hundred years have passed since the dawning of the Golden Sun. Society has begun to flourish anew and the power of Alchemy once again is in the hands of the everyday people. New horizons and new peoples emerge from the glorious darkness of the past to lay claim to a bright, bold future. Humanity's aspirations have birthed glorious new technologies, as well as the pinnacle of Alchemy: the power of the Sun. But where there is day, there is also night, and a dark shadow is creeping in from Weyard's past. Can the darkness be repelled, or will it usher in an Eternal Night?

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