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The premise is simple. One day you were just another person, living life just like every other person. You are just you, nothing special about you, until one day you and your local gaming group came together. The GM looked different than usual, and he told you that he had something entirely new planned. He had found a system on the internet that would make you far more connected to your characters.

As he handed you all dies the last your remember is a glowing darkness whirling around you, taking you in.

When you woke up you both have no memories and a lot of memories, both know a lot and nothing. You can both see the world around you, which is a world like many others have been described to you, a world which is still pure from fantasy, and you can see the small dim gaming table, where around you all the others are looking out of their eyes in a way as if their soul is no longer in their body.

You hear these words, sounding like the old DM, but darker, more evil. "This is now your world. You can get out, or stay in, your own choice. Your choices are your own. You can do everything you want, and if you die, you'll get reborn. I have merely two tips for you: Adventure is East, south is Rest, North is the least, Death is in the west. And secondly,



Split the party!

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