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The world is puttering along completely content to go about it's business. And it would, if not for you.

Somehow, you have acquired godlike power beyond that of mortal men and it's time the world found out about it. Maybe you want to conquer the world or maybe just carve your own little section out of it, but you are going to make them get on their knees and beg you for mercy.

This is a supervillain's game played with the Classic Marvel Super Heroes game system(aka FASERIP system). You can download the original books HERE for free.

This will be a group solo game, so everyone will begin in solo threads. I don't care how many players I get, as long as I can keep up with everything. There will be crossovers and eventually Legion of Doom sized teamups but ultimately you are each out for your own goals and ends. There is no rule against backstabbing other villains or otherwise working well together. You have to find your own reasons for doing so. I will also not feel the need to keep all of you on the same power scale. Weaker villains may want to work for a more powerful one just for protection or access to resources. That will be between you to sort out.

Will there be super heroes? You betcha. Each villain will have a nemesis hero, however heroes like to work together so you may face teamups and you will have to deal with the fact that one may just jump in to your fight because he happened to be swinging by.

Why would you still try to be a villain? Because you are better than they are.

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