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This is a reasonably ambitious game that takes place in an alternate universe. It is set in a Bronze Aged area populated by disparate but related city states, 3 of which will be led by players. The dominant theme in the era will be resistance/response to a large desert kingdom in the north. Interaction between city states, the northern kingdom, and 'uncivilised' tribes to the south will dictate the directions the game takes. The game will make use of the city stats and mass combat rulebooks - and the emphasis will be on realistic combat (as a rule, the harsh realism rules will be used - though in a way which avoids number crunching, and also I'll pretty much treat everyone like they have the common sense advantage), low politics/political intrigue, and high politics - and the dynamic drama that results from the intermingling of those aspects. Time will not pass in a constant manner, but rather in periods of months/years with flashpoints at important moments - some of which are predetermined, and some of which will happen as a result of player actions or semi-randomly.

6 Players are required:

- 3 Characters will be city rulers. They together with me will create a city with a distinct character, which they will then proceed to lead through a defining era. These characters will be worth 250 points, and can take 100 points in disadvantages. Knowledge of the city stats and mass combat books is recommended but not a necessity since I'm happy to help. The only real requirement is an interesting idea for your city's society. Give me a city name and the following:
- Society/Political Structure
- Religion (Gods will be combined into an Irosian pantheon)
- Economy - preferably a specialisation
- Quick Geographical Description - ie "coastal", "inland, river" (A map is being made presently, but locations will be assigned after players are confirmed)

Once you give me these I'll set up a separate thread where we can work out details and set you up for the game proper.

- 3 characters will be city "Champions". These are not champions in the traditional sense, rather they will shape the destiny of the city and ultimately of the region according to their skills and the player's play-style. They will represent the important non-ruling actors of the era, and could be anything; a politician, general, merchant, diplomat, bandit, soldier, seafarer, commoner, inventor, or revolutionary. Your character need not even be from the city or have anything to do with it at the beginning of the game. These characters will be worth 120 points, and can take 60 points in disadvantages. Give me a general background/personality and maybe a draft character sheet and we can work from there to fit your character into the world.

The main reason for the disparity in points is the duties, contacts, entourage, enemies, and allies associated with being a ruler. Each character type can additionally take 5 quirks and 5 perks. Keep sheets secret please.

The Setting: TL1
The Bronze Age has just gotten into full swing on the Irosian plain, large scale agriculture has become the norm, and societies have settled down and gradually urbanised over the last half-millenia. The last century has seen the dawn of a loose coalition of city states - the Irosian League. Encouraged by recent advancements in shipwrighting, transportation, and architecture - these cities are experiencing a boom in economic activity as yet unseen.

As rich as the city states have grown, however, they still pale in comparison to the mighty Desert Kingdom in their north. Led by a series of militaristic kings, the reasonably homogeneous desert peoples have long been united in a large realm stretching along the Marrek river. The Kingdom is wealthy and stable, relying on the river's flood plains for food, and on tribute from it's neighbors for material wealth. The Kingdom's chief asset is it's formidable military, and most of all it's array of war chariots - supplied by noble warrior-lords, and the pinnacle of military technology. The League wisely pays tribute to the Desert Kingdom, and at present relations between the two are asymmetrical but very good.

In the mountainous regions to the south are many disparate and semi-nomadic tribal groups. These men are characterised by their short stature and fair skin as much as their barbaric nature and fierce temperaments. With the exception of a few traders, they lack literacy even at the elite level. Unlike the civilised people, who fight in organised phalanges with chariot based support, these peoples fight in an undisciplined and individualistic manner. There is also little love lost between each tribal group, and no political arrangement similar to the League exists among them. Their economy is based largely on the export of copper and precious stones to the city states and Desert Kingdom, which have much less accessibility to such resources.

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