Pale Fields

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  • Created Sep 1 '12
  • Last Post Nov 6 '12 at 12:26am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Call of Cthulhu

Game Description

Pale Fields
A Prairie Gothic Scenario
Call of Cthulhu

Not everything about the 1920's was Roaring. Much of it was a whimper. By the fall of 1928, the empty promises of enterprising railroads, land hucksters, and their ilk had harvested their fruitless crop. The myriad towns that had sprung up across the west would just as quickly begin faltering even before a Great Depression could be seen on any horizon. Many promises had led so many to these desolate lands, and many more would keep them there. How large a promise would it take? And what if the promise maker had truly infinite resources?

Welcome to Pale Fields, an original Horror scenario written by myself and presented here on

The Sand Hills of Nebraska. A rolling eternity of grass commands humility before The Lord, a constant reminder of your insignificance in the great Creation, and for the denizens of such a region, a constant reminder also of their mission to work within that Creation to achieve the goals of their Lord.

Into this are dropped our investigators. A deadly train derailment has blocked your own train's progression, possibly for days. The nearest town is a dying, dessicated thing. Ramshackle and all but given to the prairie, a man of great vision has great plans for this place, and has invested quite a bit of other people's money towards that end. Secrets abound in a simple prairie community, and our investigators may be inextricably caught along in events as they unfold.

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