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To the west of the Kurn Empire, near the goblin province of Gelia (pronounced ghel*IA), lie a vast expanse of ruins. For ages they have been picked over, explored and ransacked, leaving nothing of value, or so the rumors go. So, when the tall man in a purple cloak offered you a large sum to explore it, you thought nothing of taking his advance and agreeing to do as he asked. “Excellent,” said he, and bid you to return tomorrow at the hiring hall, same time to, “meet your companions”.

The Ruins of Elweria are said to be the remains of an ancient city, long abandoned when the lady of fortune turned her back to the crops. A people of farmers and scholars, fighters and priests, the Elwerians are said to have predated the founding of the Kurn Empire. Over the ages the city has been built over again and again, until it became what it is today – a city of many different ruins, one upon each other. The locals do not consider it anything more than a curiosity – anything to be learned, has been. Anything of value to be found has been. So when a tall man began looking for people to go exploring for a considerable amount of gold the nearby goblins laughed and shook their heads at his foolishness. A waste of gold in their eyes.
Enter you. For whatever reason, you've taken the man up on his offer. Perhaps you need to get out. Perhaps you want the easy gold. Perhaps you just want adventure. Whatever – fast job, easy money. The man mentioned something about a willingness to get your hands dirty but he was probably just exaggerating.

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