The Black Sparrow

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  • Created Sep 3 '12
  • Last Post Jul 9 '13 at 11:15pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Pathfinder

Game Description

Thanks to a rewatching of Pirates of The Caribbean and a generous helping of rum Iím finally ready to share this campaign with you all. These are the voyages of the Black Sparrow. A ship that sails the skies of a world wild with harsh terrain. The advent of airships is recent, and with it the use of black powder, which until this generation had been a guarded secret of a lone kingdom. The air vehicles themselves are varied in form, including magically propelled gliders, alchemically filled zeppelins, and too many other types to count, but the pride of the air, and primary form of flying vessel, is the airship. Airships are held aloft and propelled by a matched pair of elementals, one air, and one water. They are bonded to each other and to the ship in a way that has earned an entire thread dedicated to explaining it. The world itself is experiencing a rennaisance. Thanks to this new method of travel countries that didnít even know each other existed have now become neighbors. Technology and magic from across the world are being shared, and innovations are blooming. With this advent, there is great wealth to be had, and some who have decided that it aught to be theirs. The countries that they were once a part of are too small. The land that holds them down is too constricting. The world that they could see while earning a trade and only hearing of the marvels being discovered was not enough. Not by a long shot. So theyíve decided to take to the skies and find out just how long a shot can fly when loosed by a cannon a mile above ground. Theyíve decided that the riches that theyíve been hearing about are-
Okay, Iím digressing. This is supposed to be a simple description of the game. Weíre starting out at level 1 pathfinder. If you want to bring in rules from third edition or 3.5 Iím up for it. Iíve learned enough about the system in the last few years that I want to really open it up and try out some new features. Anything that will need to be converted from the previous editions will require you to talk to me about it though. I canít approve of just picking up whatever if I donít know how it works and how to moderate it, especially since it will need to be converted to pathfinder. The upshot of you guys is that you will be onboard a ship that sails the skies in search of other airships to plunder and loot. The crew is a motley assortment of people from a variety of races. Pirates are incredibly cosmopolitan because they have no allegiances to kingdoms or countries, so they take anyone who is able-bodied. Iíll devote a thread to describing the crew. The players will have to start as ABSís (able bodies sailers) but as they gain levels they will gain status and responsibility on the ship. Because of this everyone will get Climb and Profession (sailor) as permanent class skills. Any starting races are available, there is already someone who wants to play a race that starts with seven hit dice, so Iím willing to work with characters to build racial levels to level into. I love going nuts with monsters and races and stuff so Iím up for whatever, just as long as we can talk about it. The setting is a spellpunk homebrew with elements of steampunk and age of exploration. Steel and gunpowder are semi-rare commodities that are highly sought after. Your two goals onboard the ship are to collect valuables for yourself and your crew, as well as to explore the far reaches of the world. Maps are being made these days that display more than ever before, and your captain wishes to reach out and taste the horizon.

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