Arcanis Strange Bedfellows

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  • Created Sep 3 '12
  • Last Post Dec 21 '12 at 3:29pm
  • Status Complete
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Game Description

Dark rumors tell of the sacking of Joppa far to the east of the Hinterlands. If the Infernal army has indeed broken through the nascent Wall being built by the Tir Betoqi, then there may be little hope for a victorious Crusade or for the future of Humanity itself. In desperation, you and your fellow heroes are called upon to secure urgently needed allies for the coming battle. But can generations of mistrust be set aside, especially when accusations of treachery roar throughout Nier's Crucible itself!

This is an official Living Arcanis adventure and characters ned to be created accorrding to the guidelines:

Character creation:
As in the Arcanis RPG book, with following addendum:
Hero attributes are purchased using the Heroic campaign level as detailed in Table 2-4.
Starting nation and region may be chosen from the starting nations and regions listed in Table 2-6, with the exception of: Canceri (all), Dwarven Enclaves: Tultipet, Unsealed Lands (all) and Ymandragore.
You gain all starting equipment for your background, and the remaining coin is determined by taking half of each die plus one. This is your starting silver. For example, a Patrician with a d8 Charisma has 8d10 + 1d8 + 100 starting silver, or 153 silver

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