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The envelope was simple enough, white and unremarkable. The seal however was yellow and almost seemed to glitter in the light of the inn's fire as you opened it. It's design was of a jeweled golden crown, it's points in the shapes of noble persons. Intrigued and curious, you opened the letter, cracking the seal to reveal it's contents: A single piece of fine stationary with golden inlay along the edges. The letter read the following:

"To One of Renown and Good Heart in the World of Toril,"

Should you choose, on the last day of Mirtul, arrive at the Chapel of Resounding Justice, Southeast of Archenbridge within Sembia. I realize this journey make take some time and I have provided you with plenty being that it is still the start of Mirtul. If you do not arrive, then we will accept your decline of the invitation. An important matter is to be discussed and it is one that must begin to be pursued with urgency. Nothing will be discussed of it within this letter as it does not need to be known by those who are not to be involved.

Thank you for considering,

Norothin, Paladin of Tyr

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