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The word has gone out to the masses: the harvest is ready! Ah yes, the bounteous feast of the Grensplan Halflings -- they say that not even a king's chef could create a dish sweeter than the peaches grown in the enchanted soil, and no grain lasts in storage longer than the divine oats and wheat gathered by the Little Folk. Soon it will be time for the more civilized lands -- Regen, Eloďn, Blündolf, The Obsidian Tower, and the Golor Mountains, (maybe even the Xi'An Empire) to name a few -- to send their wagons to trade their manufactured goods for the foodstuffs that they can no longer grow (at least not enough to support their populations).

That's where you come in. While the major cities can afford armies and large caravans to stay protected as they gain the best deals, your little hamlet is not quite so fortunate. Fortunately, the few wagons they can spare can carry enough to provide for their citizens, and the smaller travel parties (as well as "less desirable" goods) mean that a minimal amount of trained combatants are needed to ensure safe passage. Whether you see it as the honor your elders say it is, an annoying civic duty, or a thinly-veiled attempt to keep you from causing trouble in your town, you have been selected to escort this year's convoy. Surely it's bound to entail little more than a few weeks of walking, but there have been rumors of dark things on the road these days...

Things to know:

I'm reasonably experienced as a player, but still pretty new at DMing, so bear with me and let me know if there's anything I can do to make your playing better. While I have played my fair share, it's generally been with the same group of people and without many books beyond the core rulebooks; thusly I'm not overly familiar with a lot of the extra classes that have been added over time. So, if you wanted to, you could probably min/max your way into breaking the game pretty badly if you wanted to; please don't. With that in mind, I'm trying to keep things simple for myself; hence, I prefer that you stick to the core books.

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