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Scourge of the Slave Lords

It has been a decade since the feared yellow sails of the Slavelords appeared in the harbors of the Wild Coast towns, ten years since friend’s family and loved ones were carried off in shackles to the inhuman lands of the Pomarj. But since then, new evil has arisen in those dark lands.

Turrosh Mak, a half-orc warlord has unified the bickering humanoid tribes into a rapacious nation! With sword and flame, tooth and claw he led his conquering horde north, till over half of the Wild Coast fell beneath his iron gauntlet.

Now the ships with the yellow sails have reappeared on the waters of the Woolly Bay. They have even reached the shores of the Nyr Dyv, the ‘Lake of unknown depths,” striking suddenly and carrying off every able-bodied survivor. And just as suddenly they vanish without a trace. The scourge of the Slavelords has returned. . .
(Courtesy of the back of the Book.)
Residing in the city of Dyvers. . . you have heard the tales from the city of Greyhawk, and Southern Furyondy of the raids. Fortunately for you, attacks by the ‘feared’ ships have not reached the shores of Dyvers yet, or if they have it’s been fairly rare. However many fishing ships have been raided and boarded on many occasions, and their crew is always dragged away and never heard from again.

As you sit around A table at a local Tavern / Inn with your friends and comrades early in the evening on a cold spring night, the tales, and stories seem to fly around the tavern, some of them are even of the supposed ‘raids’ by these Slavers. Some of the common folk don’t believe the tales, others do and some think their just stories told by sailors and fishermen to scare the common folk and allow the prices to be driven up even higher.

But you know the truth, these are no stories. . .

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