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Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition
Fairy Tail x Real World Setting
A Learning Game, By Request

Estimated Members Requested: 2
(If both Ultima and Double have interest, we can run with 3)

DisclaimerFirst, let me apologize; since this is primarily a 'learning game' in the interest of expediency, I haven't put as much planning into the setting / campaign as I'd like. The setting is rather loosely defined and there's only one adventure planned at the moment. That said, if y'all enjoy yourselves on this test run, I do have some ideas for using this adventure as the hook to a larger campaign. If y'all decide you want, I will flesh out the setting and turn this into a full campaign.

Basic Setting InformationSo, as a sort of compromise/personal choice the setting for this game is going to be sort of a Fairy Tail (the manga / anime) crossed with the Real Modern World sort of setting. This is partially because MnM by default is set modernly, and partially because I wanted to run something a little darker than the straight-up fanciful world of Fairy Tail.

For the purposes of this game, all powers available in the MnM system will be considered a sort of Magic.

Guilds exist much like they do in Fairy Tail, the major difference being that there are perhaps two dozen (registered) guilds around the world. The Magic Government Official type people do exist, it's a multi-national agency designed to police the world's Magi. We'll call them the Global Office of Magical Overwatch, or GOMO. Additionally, most national governments have their own independent (and usually small) agencies for dealing with Magical Mishaps and goings-on.

Magic will be treated sort of like an open secret; Guilds are official, they don't usually make an effort to hide themselves, nor is it illegal or anything to use magic in front of non-magicians. On the other hand, with barely more than 1,000 practicing magi in the world, most ordinary people haven't interacted with magic directly and therefore don't believe or, mostly, don't care. Magic disasters are typically covered up by the governments, not to keep magic a secret, but to prevent panic about it's dangers. Magic events, such as tournaments, shows, or competitions are certainly not private events, but they aren't widely advertised to the general public.

Fairy Tail itself does exist (as do a number of other guilds from the anime/manga) but the members of it are different. The characters from the Anime/Manga are historical figures from the guild several hundred years ago, the same happy-go-lucky spirit and carefree reputation is present, but none of the same characters. Because I can, it's located in California.

The CharactersYour characters are not members of Fairy Tail. You're new/prospective applicants for a guild based in Colorado,
If you don't like the name, tough :p
Manisveld. Your characters will start at Power Level 3, anything in the core book goes. Anything else, ask me.

You need three things in your backstory (minimum):
Your character must be (physically) in Colorado at the beginning of the adventure, preferably near Denver. I don't care if they've been there all their life, or they just happened to have a sky-diving mishap and ended up landing near/on the guild-house.

Your character must have had some 'introduction' to magic. Technically, anyone can learn magic, though some are certainly more naturally talented at it than others. Very few people have the inborn ability to use magic without any training, so you've probably had a teacher or mentor of some sort at some point. You can be self taught, but you're not likely to have up and decided to teach yourself magic without first having witnessed somebody using magic.

You need to have some motivation for joining a guild. It doesn't have to be this guild (i.e. you could simply have decided to join a guild and Manisveld just happened to be the closest one to where you lived) but nobody joins a mage's guild by accident.

Oh, and obviously you need a name and a basic physical description. Pictures are optional but encouraged.

Rule Type ThingsRight, because this is a learning game I'm going to restrict y'all to the main 2nd edition book. Anything else, be it custom or from another source, needs to be asked about. (Asking questions is good though, it promotes understanding!)

Your characters are PL 3, entitling you to a mere 45 power-points for creation (You're new at this whole mage thing, after all). Please observe the caps to your abilities per the chart on page 25.

We are using the 'optional' wealth system. It works pretty much just like d20 modern's except that, being heroes, your bonus starts automatically at +8. . . since this is a low-powered start for this campaign I'm reducing that to +5, any modifiers apply as normal though.

Um, this is my first time DM-ing on MythWeavers and it's certainly possible I've missed mentioning something, don't be afraid to ask! :)

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