Rising From Ash

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  • Created Sep 18 '12
  • Last Post Oct 25 '12 at 3:29am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Pathfinder
  • Setting Golarion

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Game Description

Count Aericnein Neska has been spearheading a new industrial age in the County of Barstoi in the Immortal Principality of Ustalav. Despite being one of the leading figures that brought about a brutal civil war in the past, Count Neska's popularity grows to new levels and now even begins to rival that of Prince Aduard Ordranti III. People are beginning to believe that Neska could force Ustalav into an economic and industrial recovery. Now the jaded and bitter Aristocrats of the neighbouring County of Ardeal, ruled by Countess Solismina Venacdahlia, seek to undermine the authority and popularity of Count Neska forcing the region into a cold war in the hope to provoke the rival Count into active military conflict.

Now as the childless Count Neska grows older and weaker, Countess Venacdahlia senses her chance to destabilize her enemies and reclaim Ardeal's former glory. Neska, fearing for his only heir's safety, attempted to move his Nephew, Alexi Neska, to a more secure location. However during the relocation Alexi's convoy was attacked and Alexi was taken captive. The Countess has succeeded in provoking a violent response, however it was not in the way she expected. Count Neska has cleverly contrived a way to rescue his heir, by hiring mercantile groups before resorting to full-scale military action.

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