Stories of the Dragon Blooded

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Theme song: White Noise Lab - Game of Thrones Titles Metal Cover

Stories of the Dragon Blooded: War for the throne.

After the defeat of the our legions things haven't been easy for the house. We have lost most of the respect and status we had amongst the great houses and we are now reduced to begging for political alliances where we, mere months ago, could have dropped a hint and we would have gotten what we wanted.

But what matters most is that due to our legions failure in the north we now have problems in all the Satrapies we oversee. They seem to think that because we have lost a war against an Anathema they can simply stop paying their tributes.

A small island chain in the west have recently sent word that they will no longer be paying us tribute as we have failed our duty to them.


We will form a new legion and use all means to crush this rebellion.

You have been recalled from your current activities and drafted into this Legion.

Rereading the note that the servant brought you just to be sure that you hadn't misunderstood it you then looked at the seal to make sure that it wasn't a bad joke from someone but it's the real deal. You have been drafted into this by the house elders.

What dangers will await you on this journey?

Will you survive?

What glory can you retake for house Tepet?

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