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Warning: For those who do not like horror, graphic details(in the gory sense), nor violence against innocent NPCs this game isn't for you.

A woman is stands outside her bakery locking it up for the night thanking Palor that she got a few customers today. Now she can finally replace the stove in her bakery. The woman shivers as she walks off into the desolate city streets. The wind blows her long, dirty brown hair frantically as a storm makes it's way into the city. The sound of thunder is a small roar for now growing louder every minuet. The woman picks up speed hoping to get home before the storm over takes the city.

As the woman frantically walks home she looks up at the sky and sees the full moon high in the sky. The woman stops and stares at it for a second admiring the beauty till she hears a sound. A wolf howl in the night. The woman's freezes in place, her blood running cold as her heart beats frantically. The woman shudders and starts walking again hoping that she'll get home soon. The wolf howls again this time louder...and closer. The woman picks up speed now taking off in a dead sprint.

The woman sprints down the road hearing the howl of the wolf again. As she hits a cross road she hears something large to her left and she falls to the ground screaming. Horses wail as the driver of wagon stops them from trotting over the woman, "Wooooh boys," The wagon driver says as he yanks on the reins. The driver hops off of his seat and walks over to her offering a hand to help her up, "Are you okay m'am?"

The woman looks up at him and takes his hand, "Yes," She looks around looking for the wolf she heard, "I'm...I'm fine. I'm sorry for running in front of you. I must really be getting home now."

"Where are you heading to? Maybe I can give you a ride if I'm going to pass it." The wagon driver offered.

"I live on Hammerfell road." The woman replied.

"That's pretty close," The wagon driver turned towards an alley and pointed to it, "Go right down that alley, and take a left and you'll get there faster than taking the loop."

"Oh...thank you." The woman said as she hurried away from the man and walked down the alley. As the woman entered the alley a wolf howled and the woman screamed.

The wagon driver smiled as his eyes darkened and his body started to change, "Feeding time my dear"


Welcome to the world of Aeternis Tenebris. The world is rough to live in since the Arcet wars. Even though the war has been done for a few dozen years the effects still linger. There is a taint of evil that still lingers in the air. The world has changed for the worst as accounts of supernatural beings have increased to the point where people are scared to leave the secure walls of the city. The walls are unfortunately not much safer. Corruption is very prevalent as the higher powered families still flaunt what they gained at the destruction of the opposing country. The world will be cruel and ruthless. Will you survive or become another victim?

Campaign Info

This WILL be a horror based campaign. So if you do not like not so happy endings, impossible odds, or possible hardships that could break a character this is not your campaign.

Books: All Books are allowed but when making the character cite the page and book from where you got the material from.

0, Have fun.

1, Magic items will be rare but not impossible to get(if you can craft them yourselves I will not interfere).

2, I will be following the Starvation and Thirst rule (DMG 304), and carrying capacity(PH 162).

3, There is Taint (HoH 62-68) in the world so there is a possibility of becoming tainted.

4, Phobias (HoH 61-62) are able to develop over the adventure due to events that may arise.

5, There is no alignment. The new system will be based off of Behavioral Alignment (HoH 76-77). With this said spells such as Detect Good/Evil will be based off the intent of the target that is being focused on. (e.g. the serile killer will register evil only when engaging in acts that are sinister in nature. Some are so evil or tainted so horribly they will register evil no matter what. On the other hand a person will not register good unless doing a good act or their personally virtuous in nature constantly. Characters must still act within the restraints on alignment that classes have.)

Magic Circle affects all alignments as if the circle was the alignment it was intended for.

Class abilities that deal with alignment, such as Smite Evil/Good, will be affected. In the case of Smite Evil/Good it will be based off of the targets current behavioral alignment. (e.g. A commoner stopping an evil paladin from killing a person will be considered good, due to the nature of self sacrifice for someone else, thus being able to be affected by Smite Good.) When characters are substituted I will review the class abilities and tell you the changes, if any, to abilities will be made.

DR based off of alignment will be changed. Good, will now be holy, and Evil, will be unholy. Any class with Turn Undead can expend a use to cause a target weapon to gain the holy power. The duration number of rounds equal to your turn level plus your Charisma modifier. The same goes for Rebuke Undead but instead of holy it's unholy.

7, Divination spells will have minor changes based on the spells. Due to the sheer number of spells I will review the character sheets constantly to see if any divination spells are on the list and I will inform you how, if at all, they are altered.

8, Skill checks must be actively made by you. I will not inform you to make a listen, spot, knowledge, ect. check. I will allow you to decide if it's relevant to make a skill check nor would I want to ruin the possibility of someone stalking you by exposing them out of game by telling you to make a check.

Lastly, For resurrection a life must be taken for a life to be gained, and possible mishaps may come up.
Character Creation

Starting Lvl: 2
HP: Max at first lvl and roll for the rest
Stats: One auto 18, and 1d10+8 for every other stat (any stats that equal 9 are changed to 10)
Starting Gold: 1,000 gp
Races: Any besides races with LA +2 or higher
Back Story: A detailed back story is preferred. Names, cities (you can name your own and I will incorporate them into the map I'm making.), and major events in your life are good starters and allow me to make the campaign better for you as a player.
Other than that fill in all the blocks that you can and leave a reference next to the item, feat, spell, ect next to them so I can look them up.


For Co-DMs I will only accept those who aren't players in the game. No fun in you knowing what horrors lie in your characters future. Also experience as a DM is highly praised (especially if you have ran a horror campaign). Other than that I have posted a thread where you can apply. The application process will be describing a horde of zombies encroaching into a city. So I can get a feel for your writing style. Don't worry I'm not an English major so I do misspell and have some bad grammar so don't worry to much just write.

Post Frequency

At least once a day please. Even if it's only out of character cause we're in combat so I know you're still active and alive. Characters gone for 3 days will become under my control till your return. After a week (unless informed of an extended absence prior) you will have to be replaced.

Any Question please post in the appropriate labeled thread.

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