Arcanis Desperate Measures

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  • Created Sep 28 '12
  • Last Post Feb 15 '13 at 5:30pm
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Game Description

HP1-1 Desperate measures

Character creation:
As in the Arcanis RPG book, with following addendum:
Hero attributes are purchased using the Heroic campaign level as detailed in Table 2-4.
Starting nation and region may be chosen from the starting nations and regions listed in Table 2-6, with the exception of: Canceri (all), Dwarven Enclaves: Tultipet, Unsealed Lands (all) and Ymandragore.
You gain all starting equipment for your background, and the remaining coin is determined by taking half of each die plus one. This is your starting silver. For example, a Patrician with a d8 Charisma has 8d10 + 1d8 + 100 starting silver, or 153 silver.

This is an introductory adventure for Arcanis - The Roleplaying Game.
If you don't have the rules, but still want to play, no problems, rules can be found here and if you need a character - they can be found here

To myself: I have been playing quite a few games on myth-weaver, and have run this adventure before.

Posting expectations: I am a highly reliable PbPler, and will be the same as a GM. I will not let a game fall into oblivion. I hope to see regular posts by the players (once per day during weekdays, less on weekends, as I cannot post regular myself on weekends). This game runs quite fast, the last one took one month from start to finish. And the main purpose is to have fun, I will try to do my best, and expect the same from any players

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