Settlers of Mwangi

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Game Information
  • Created Sep 30 '12
  • Last Post Oct 18 '12 at 8:30pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Pathfinder
  • Setting Golarion

Game Description

Lantern was a nice place once, many years ago. The rich soil of the rolling hills, the dense stands of fir and beech trees, grasslands for sheep and cattle, an idyllic place for simple folk. Things have changed in the last few generations however. The forests have been felled and milled and sold, the rolling hills are fallow wastes of over-farmed earth more sand than dirt, and the grasslands are dry and parched places where no sane creature would dwell. The last of Lantern's people have gathered their meager resources and purchased what may be their last hope. Two hundred settlers, headed by a council of the wisest, strongest, bravest or just the most cocksure, have loaded onto galleys and are making their way to the great Mwangi Expanse. A trade company called the Corvid Consortium owns thousands of miles of unexplored jungle and was willing to part with a few parcels of land in exchange for taxation and millage rights. The colonists are arriving in the port city of Bloodcove and must make their way up the Vanji River through the Rechiends Plains to the deep jungle in the heart of the Expanse.

The party are the best of the community, the brawlers, the thinkers, the planners, and it's their job to ensure the livelihood of the colonist by forging a community out of the untamed wilderness of the jungle. They must find food, build shelters, interact with the local tribes, and eventually make this new home a prosperous and healthy place.

Members Needed 4: Starting at 1st level, any standard race or class (including Advanced Player Guide). I'm looking for heroes, evil bastards need not apply.

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