Eternal Spring

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Game Information
  • Created Oct 1 '12
  • Last Post Jun 18 '13 at 7:28pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System World of Darkness

Game Description

This is a Changeling the Lost game specifically focused on the Emerald Court of Maimi. It is meant to be a fairly fast paced game to explore all the elements of Changeling the Lost but will be run predominately as individual stories with perhaps crossing pages depending on interest and the final workings.

Eternal Spring of a Fae Child

Aloft on the breeze from an eyrie
Or from deep within enchanted wilds
Comes the mystic song of the faerie
That calls forth to chosen childs

There's a burning in the bloodstream
A whisper in the heart;
"Come, list unto your soul's dream
An' dance an' play your part"

Within ageless realms of faerie
As told in tales of yore
Far distant tho wilt be
From where yee once lived before

Whether yee be Kelpie singing in seafoam
Or Tunnelgrub workin' in caverns dim
No matter where you may roam
Your soul doth belong to them

From glamorious halls or grizzly dungeons
The Soul longs to break free
From the noblers emotional bludgeons
But first must awaken an' find its key

Then crawl thru the dangerous thorny thicket hedge
Or soar above the thick mists into the burning sun
Either way brings one near insanity's razor edge
With bedlam or banality being all that is won

Still within the heart lies hope
Of life's joys and wonders to be
To approach life with musical trope
In order to inact desire's decree

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