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Welcome to Celarus. This used to be a peaceful land, this used to be a land where all lived in harmony. All that changed the day Dana, the high priestess, fell sick and died. After her passing a power struggle ensued with the different races all vying for control over Celarus and its resources. Vewin and his band of Orc warriors controlled the North, Ramua and her elven brethren held the South. The war had come to a deadlock and neither commander was willing to negotiate.

Then one day darkness fell over Celarus, the people of this once peaceful land started to die of a mysterious sickness, the armies were decimated and the commanders could do nothing. It seemed that the darkness itself was infecting the people.

When the darkness abated neither commander could continue in the fight for control over Celarus and scouts were sent to assess the extent of the damage caused by this shadowy infection. When the scouts returned they brought news of a terrible new force assembling to the East.

It was soon established that the darkness that had covered Celarus was the result of an evil ritual that forced open a portal to the demonic planes of Alheizar, a land so corrupted the very air became poisonous and toxic. This new force lead by Aerris, an evil warlock, was threatening what was left of Celarus.

In order to save their once bountiful land Vewin and Ramua created alliance, recruiting whoever and whatever they found among the living to battle for glory, riches and freedom from this new evil.

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