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Lord Abaddon; Master of Hate, Celebrant of Destruction, King of the Skull Throne and Emperor of the Despoiled lands- many titles he had and yet just one more would complete his belt. Conqueror of the Material Plane.

However, corporeality was ever evasive- especially since having been confined in the quad point cage, bound by four material plane objects and protected by four material plane locations linked to runes. The forces of light had tried to ensure it was never again possible for Abaddon's hate to corrupt the world. However, in every prison there were gaps- and with two thousand years to find the flaws, Abaddon had found a singular method of breaching its inner defenses.

The prison bound his physical form- however the forces of light had not known at the time of imprisonment that Abaddon was also a manifester of no small power. With psionics quickly fading from the earth, the thought hadn't even registered to the light that Abaddon could harness the destructive abilities of the Psions. So he pushed his mind unto the world. With the tendrils of his consciousness spread across the plane, he quickly found those he was looking for.

Fallen heroes. Those whom had achieved great things, more than any other mortal they themselves had encountered- who had then become twisted and corrupt. Murder, treachery, adultery, the death of a child, the loss of a wife, betrayal. The shining beacons of humanities light- encased in shadow and darkness. These were the ones- these twisted corrupt souls would serve as his mortal avatars. He would grant them powers, enough to wreak havoc across the plane, enough to release him from his solitary confinement.

How the world would pay.

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