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Campaign Overview

The campaign takes place in a world known as Jord. In ancient times this world was the center of a massive and powerful empire, Vela'haar. Legends say that nearly one thousand years ago the land was embroiled in a terrible war the likes of which haven't been seen since. In order to save the heart of their culture and power the Vela'haari created the Barungs (or Stonefathers). There is a large amount of debate over what the Barungs were and what they did, but it is generally agreed that they saved the land of Jord in some way. Sometime during this The Raising took place, an event that caused The Wall of the Gods (or Godwall) to rise around the land of Jord, effectively cutting it off from whatever force threatened it.

In the 1000 years since then the Vela'haar Empire has broken apart into four countries: Velha, Aliah, Falhast, and the Nation of Rahori. These countries have recently reached a period of relative peace between them.

In addition to the humans that call Jord home there are also: the elves of Quari and Raihu, various roaming bands of halflings, the scattered families of the killoren, and a collection of goliath tribes.

Campaign "Adventure Hooks"
A man named Ellisai has begun gathering an army of men under his own banner. He renounces all ties to nobility or clan of any nation and encourages his followers to do the same. He says he is seeking the "Outer Prosperity" that he claims lies beyond the Wall of the Gods and past the Outlands.

A mysterious plague has descended on the northern edges of the Velha Kingdom. Farmers are finding black rot on their crops that leaves it inedible and the land beneath it dead. At night these areas fill with a thick purple mist, and some of the outermost provinces report seeing strange twisted beasts and shadows.

In the west word is spreading that the Wyrm God Malistacraa has risen from the Wyrmfall. Malice Hold is always filled with the noise of forges, pounding hammers, and troops going through training excercises. Aliahn scouts say he is gathering his children and servants to him in a plan to exact revenge on Man for the betrayals and pain they visited on him 100 years ago.

In the eastern reaches of Falhast near the Godwall a terrible event has occurred. Word is that the entire city of Nastrond has fallen into the earth below it. Falhastian forces now stand watch over the massive pit that the city fell into, trying to rescue whatever survivors there may be.

The capital of Quaria, Qual'hoss, has been attacked by a group known as the Stormwryte Council. The peace talks that were to take place were interrupted by the attack, and many are now calling for retaliation on the Stormwryte. For the first time in centuries the Quari elves may be going to war.

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