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Tensions were rising, everyone could feel it, yet none would talk of it. Conflict with the Lannisters was going to happen, and while one northman was worth at least two western sellswords, the disadvantage was much more dire than just one against two once Alyn had left with Lord Dondarrion to deliver justice to the mountain. It would only seem prudent to get Ned's little girls safely outside their grasp, at least they would get home, somehow the feeling that those that remained behind never would kept creeping back.

Bells were tolling, an ominous sign.

-Where canon is about to get clobbered-

This game will feature characters of the Stark Household in King's Landing, assigned to escort Arya to the ship, we'll jump straight into chapter 50 of GoT, and I'm expecting the entire Arya storyline to deviate from here on and out. There will not be any house creation in this game, and I doubt that those rules will be relevant at all. When it comes to characters, I have a notion that every single ability should be of use at one point or the other, though we'll see how that works out in practice, any character that could conceivably be in the group that will join Arya on her way to the ship (including Syrio Forel) is a viable choice, though note that someone capable of going one on one with the hound would more than likely be with Ned to do just that. Character Creation will differ slightly from standard, see thread.

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