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There were no known supers at all till a news crew caught a man fall off a sky scraper land on the pavement, stand up and walk out into the road. A police chase lead a stolen armored car directly into the man. He lifted it up and slammed it to the ground with enough force to break the axles and most of the bad guys' spirits. He took the name Maverick, most because he loved the movie Top Gun and quoted it constantly.

He stood at the for front of the news for about 6 years. He fought his arch nemesis both winning and loosing on occasion. Then the world watched as he fell to his death, his powers gone. His nemesis showed up at the funeral, turned himself over to the police and made his last statement. "With Maverick dead, there is no need of a super villain."

Ten years to the day that Maverick died, nine years after his arch nemesis went to the gas chamber. A new ripple appeared. A man walked out of a brick wall and looked around, he nodded to himself and raised his hand. There was a rumble of thunder and for exactly a three count everything stopped. When everything started back up, some people felt the weight of the world drop on them. A few survived whole, others went mad, many more died. Your one of the lucky ones. Your mind has expanded to allow you to use the powers of the mind.

Those that woke up with their abilities just appearing were able to easily learn to control the abilites, after all there are many books that talk about how to use mental abilities.

Those that went insane, some did not go that way noticeably, their out there looking for others, some want to corrupt others kill. A small group a powered people banded together to help those with their abilities. Sera Nova was born.
This is going to be a GURPS 4th edition Psionics game.
Character Creation:
150 point character, you can have up to -75 points worth of disadvantages, and an additional -5 in quirks.
This is your base character. Meaning your a normal, who you were before your mind expanded.

There are three levels of character. When you submit a character, please indicate what level you want to play at.
Low, your powers are just awakening, GM sets up your abilities and you have to figure them out or get one of the other players to help you out.
Medium, your powers are known, you set your powers. You have run across one or more enemy that either wants you dead or working for them. At this level for no additional points, they are after everyone of you, You will have either an enemy of the government agency, Legionary Requiem, they will actively watch your every move and if you look like your going to fall, they will kill you. The Legionary troops have rare items taken from Dr. Doran, Maverick's archenemy. They are not 100% and do sometimes fail to block abilities.
High, your powers are well known, you set your abilities. You have both an enemy of Legionary Requiem and a Psicho(one of those that went mad). Falling in this level will mean that Requiem's tools work, if they activate, your abilities, and everyone in the area will be blocked out.
Special notes:
Body of anything is taboo. None of the psionic abilities allow you to transform into another material and survive.
Your abilities will effect you, if your throwing fire, you better be aware of the surroundings. This does not mean you cannot take the ability to throw fire. It just means your going to have to be careful about how you use your abilities.
All abilities require the limitation, Psionic its a -10% modifier to price.
This game is going to test your ability to use enhancements and limitations. Also going to test on how creative you are with your abilities.

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