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The bearers of Aberrant Dragonmarks are a pitiful lot, cursed with a twist of fate that will drive either drive them insane or to their deaths if not both. Ever since the War of the Mark, where powerful Aberrants razed and leveled entire cities across Khorvaire, the twelve Dragonmarked Houses have kept close control of the Aberrants. Their powers are so unpredictable and destructive that they must be captured and taught how to control themselves as soon as possible. Those who refuse to be trained are often captured and imprisoned for the safety of others and themselves. Of course, more unstable and powerful Aberrants have not always been able to captured alive. Despite these tragedies, the Dragonmarked do their best to ensure the safety and well-being of the Aberrants. Or at least, that is their official stance on the subject.

In recent months, a large number of outlaw Aberrants have been observed entering the supermetropolis of Sharn. There are rumors that these Aberrants are meeting to form their own Dragonmarked House. If true, it is likely that the Twelve Dragonmarked Houses will not sit idly. In such a case, a repeat of the War of the Mark and all its destruction may well erupt again. King Boranel, concerned for the safety of his citizens, has notified you for a task force to investigate and handle this matter. Because of your reputations, expertise, or plain luck, you have been invited to join the task force.

The campaign begins with you and a number of other adventurers in the dining car of the luxurious House Orien Lightning Rail, now leaving Wroat and on its way to Sharn. When you reach Sharn, you will receive a briefing and the mission peculiar. As a minor side note, the train you ride is called the Lusitania, holder of the Blue Riband award, and generally regarded as one of the grandest and safest trains in all of Khorvaire.


Posting Requirement: I expect players to post an average of once a day.

Sources allowed: All Eberron and most general setting WoTC books. Books from other settings and magazines may be used, but please consult with me.

Setting: Eberron

Gameplay: I prefer to present players with an equal amount of combat and out-of-combat situations. And while I do use skill checks to quickly resolve some issues, I encourage players to roleplay as much as they can. If you take the effort to come up with an unique plan and describe your actions, I am much more willing to use a lower DC or outright let you succeed.

That said, skills are not completely indispensible. I like to mix up skill checks and combat. So do expect situations like aerial battles where you must jump from airship to airship, manipulate devices and weapons of war using knowledge checks, and calming crowds down from panicking in a firefight and potentially increasing collateral damage.

Succinctly put, to get the best out of this game, please create balanced characters.

Character Creation Rules:
  • I will be recruiting somewhere between 4 to 6 players, depending on the number and the quality of applications.
  • Characters will begin at Level 5 (10000xp).
  • Characters can be of any alignment but I do ask that they at least be affably evil. If your character isn't a good fit for the party, I will not accept it.
  • Players roll 4d6 for stats, drop the lowest d6 and reroll 1s. You may distribute them as you like. If the stats are not to your liking, use a 32 point-buy.
  • Characters will roll dice for all HP.
  • Characters can choose one flaw. Additional feats can be earned during the course of the campaign (refer to House Rules).

House Rules:

Please submit a character application as a new thread using this template and post in this forum.

The code for applications is already in place. Please make your own thread when posting a character as I will be making private posts in the thread to question your character in depth and figure out how to best fit them in to the story.

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