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this will be my first attempt at DM ing. with this system. i would like six players.

PHB Classes and Characters only.
lvl- 1
max hp at lvl 1, rolled from then on
rolling stats
5d6 minus lowest 2, reroll 1's and 2's
show results for each roll
example( 1,2,4,6,5,(reroll 1,2) new results 3,6=17)

please provide a link to character sheet.
you may have the following gear free=
-basic armor,
-basic weapon,
-basic shield,
-basic components and tools,

-if you run a caster or something with a familiar/companion you control said creature.

all other items come out of pocket
starting gold for each character= 500

the setting is homebrew but the rules are FR

The realm of Sauldriger was once a peaceful world, full of rolling hills, fresh snow from the peaks of the Twilight Mountains, and the rolling waves of the Dusk Sea. You begin your journey in one of the human kingdoms in the eastern settlement of Raido. Raido is a small farm town located in the kingdom of Graidoc. it is a quiet little place nessled deep in the wilderness. this quiet little town is smack dab in the middle of two different cultures so they are pretty tolerant of most races. this town is also a rest stop and crossroads for its neighboring communitys. Your group has recently been hired by the local innkeeper Caulstead and his wife Lorietta, to serve as local security for a shipment of goods that is being transported to Raido. you will be given further instructions upon your arrival at The Singing Giant Inn.

please apply to the acctual game forum its self(Good Fences) and add your chatacter sheet to the thing that says add sheet to game so i have them to refer to

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