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Hi, this is my very first time DMing so be gentle and help out where you can. On a side note, if any one would be willing to be a Co-DM/Player just to make sure I am balancing the party against the enemies correctly, handing out XP and loot effectively & generally not running the game into the ground it would be HIGHLY appreciated. Now then for the crunchy bits…

Character Creation
Starting Level: 1st level

Wealth: Standard (Rolled) + 1000 (Masterworked Items are fine, but nothing to Magical… yet)

Stats: 8M4d6+2^3r1 - drop the two lowest then you may reroll one stat (You keep that new stat for better or worse). If your Modifiers don’t total at least 8 you may make one reroll, alternatively, use a 32 point buy.

Races: Anything from the valid sources, If it has a +1 LA (Goliath, Tiefling, Aasimar, Ect) that is fine but expect to pay for it with your second level.

Alignment: I feel this is restricting & stupid so we won’t bother with alignment, rather have a good, clear personality. But if it can be helped try not burning down every village you come across or raping & murdering every person you see… everything will have consequences, so I may just decide to say screw balance and have your character teleported directly into a cage in the ninth ring of hell to be a pack of Balors to be used as a sex toy, which could be pretty rough….

Valid Sources

  • PHB
  • DMG
  • MM(I, II, III)
  • RoS
  • RoW
  • BoED
  • BoVD
  • CAdv
  • CArc
  • CWar
  • CDiv
  • Frostburn
  • Sandstorm
  • Arms & Equipment Guide
  • LM
  • UA

Side Notes
  • Don’t worry about things like rations or water, I will always assume you have enough of both, proper meals & inn stay will however have to be paid for.
  • I do have Expanded Psionics, but I have never played a psionic character, so I am partially trying to avoid it. If the Co-DM Understands the rules and can explain them properly, then I won’t mind to much
  • This game is based on 2 prime wars the first being for racial supremacy and the second between “Good” & “Evil”. So expect racial prejudice here and there, if you’re a Half-Orc that attempts to walk into the Elven Capitol main gates without a decent to good disguise or at least in carriage with blacked out windows and a royal guard expect to be pelted with stones or worst case scenario beheaded.
  • I am fairly fond of the Weapons of Legacy book so all characters will go through Legacy Rituals (Either from the book or homebrewed from the books rules to do so) at respective levels. I would however like to see the concept for your legacy (Either Generic or homebrewed) and the story behind the legacy Item in your application, this can however be done in private tags. Other Legacy based Feats will also be allowed.
  • Please be sure to add goals, Motivations and a clear reference to source books used to your application.
  • The World is still being created, so feel free to make up cities/towns/places, just note that the world map is based on Pangaea, so please don’t come out with some distant Island on the other side of the planet I will be forced to make you facepalm yourself
  • Please Post your application in a new thread under character creation
  • You may take one flaw, but it must relat to and affect your character.
  • Im alright with optimization, but if you intend on exploiting the system or playing massively broken characters, I will notice and I will kick you out and find a replacement… no questions asked.

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