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It has been five years since Maphias the Darkwalker was challenged by the Company of Faj-ma. During the battle things began to go poorly for Maphias, he opened a portal to escape, but Vincint hurled Faj-ma at it causing the portal to implode. In the resulting release of energy Maphias disappeared, Vincint Redhawk, Shao-Lee Yunis, and Mihiko Sasung with him. The remaining members of their party spent a year looking for them, but found nothing. Without those three the group fell apart.
Kanith and Keela started a dojo, and a family in the city of Cairmoore. Lia went to Pelanus to work at the First Temple of the Sun. Uvic-Za has continued doing what he was born to do, hunt demons. Quarion has not stopped his search for the three that went missing, he wanders the world looking for any sign of them.
Vincint has found himself returned to the world of the living (whether or not he died in the first place is unknown). All that remains of Faj-ma is the blue crystal that was set in the pommel. Vincint must find the lost pieces of the great sword and restore it. This will not be an easy task, rumors abound of where the pieces ended up. Vincint will need the help of some old friends and some new ones as well. And to make matters worse word has spread that something stirs in the Black Thorn Tower. It seems Maphias might be returning as well...

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