Where There's a Will

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  • Created Oct 23 '12
  • Last Post Mar 12 '13 at 6:30pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Shadowrun

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*A figure appears on a vidscreen. His face is obscured, although it is easy enough to tell he's wearing one of the finest suits that any Mr. Johnson has any right to be wearing. The voice is gravelly as well, obviously being 'adjusted' by some of the most expensive and impermeable modulation tech and grain-screen programs known to man.*

To all recieving this message, greetings. And congratulations.

My name is Mr. X.

I am an individual of means. Considerable means.

Some of you have operated against me in the past. This is not a letter of revenge. This is gratitude.

Some of you have operated for me in the past. Consider this additional repayment.

There exists in this Sixth World a will. A will written by a very powerful individual.

In this will resides several clauses and bequests. Each totalling several million in nuyen.

Accountants have totaled only partial earnings of these bequests to over thirty-eight million nuyen and counting. Not counting lands or artifacts.

Several of these bequests are unclaimed. Either due to unfeasability, or due to difficulty.

We mean to change that.

We are a group of individuals. Nameless, faceless. Save for letters.

Our objective? To solve some of the greatest mysteries known to mankind. To resolve issues left longstanding. To come into the possession of a truly staggering amount of nuyen.

To this end? We have means. We have supply. We have funding.

What we lack are operatives.

And so? We are recruiting.

Each and every one of you recieving this message have demonstrated the skill, the tenacity, the force, the personality, or the resources to be of value to this endeavor. Not just to be of value, but to complete this endeavor. Your names will not be released to the public unless you so desire. You will be paid handsomely - whether in nuyen, in knowledge, or in experience.

Dunkelzahn left the world a great mystery - even greater than his death. But not one that is unsolvable.

Are you in?

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