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All things have a beginning and an end. For Toril, the restoration of Myth Drannor was the end of an era in which evil filled the lands. It was a beginning as well, one in which an unprecedented peace settled upon Faerun. The evils of the world were driven underground, and many of them were squashed out completely. Few vestiges of darkness continued to exist, and those that did were so preoccupied with themselves that they fought within. Nowhere was this more prevalent than the Drow cities of the Underdark.

Heroes, the once mortal saviors of Faerun have become gods, to always watch over and guide the world in a quest for an everlasting peace. Among them, Drizzt Do'Urden, Elminster, Storm Silverhand, and the Lady Alustriel.

One thousand years have now passed since the world was last in conflict, and though it's been contained, evil can never be wiped out completely. The forces of Justice, under the banner of The Silver Star, seek out the few pockets of evil remaining on Toril, to eliminate the darkness from the world forever. The Silver Star is the arm of justice of the United Council based in Myth Drannor, and your worst enemy.

For years, you have been in hiding, seeking those like yourself who have been oppressed in the name of Order, Law, and Justice. The world has become complacent, and boring, and you want a better path, one filled with excitement. One day, you will rise against The Silver Star, and you will tear down the so-called Justice of the Council at Myth Drannor. Toril must change, Faerun cannot continue along this path of endless peace.

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