Temple of the Great Falls

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Hidden high in the mountains lurks a rumor. A myth. A relic of dark times and a ward against dark futures. The Temple of the Great Falls stands as the sole reminder of a massive demonic invasion, an eruption of darkness that nearly consumed the world as shadows raged outwards and threatened the world. But that was ages past, and no one remembers much outside of the Temple's halls, for there reminders lurk.

Demons and monsters bound in all manner of artifacts are sealed deep underneath the Temple in an impregnable vault, and warding them are The Nine Swords. Powerful weapons of the Nine Masters who pushed back the hordes. Or at least they should be there. Sadly time and disputes within the Temple have scattered several to the winds, and their altars stand empty. Of course, given how long it's been since the forces of the Lower Realms tried anything, that shouldn't be a problem...right?

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