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  • Created Oct 26 '12
  • Last Post Oct 30 '12 at 4:37am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Call of Cthulhu

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Hello all,

I have been running D&D 3.5 campaigns for many years, and I have recently begun to host Call of Cthulu d20 games as well, using the 3.5 version. This falls nearly congruent with a recent interest I have taken with, as you might have guessed, the Slender Man. I was hoping to run a dark, horror themed CoC 3.5 game revolving solely around the Slender Man, trying to discern his true nature, and perhaps....perhaps...putting an end to him.

For the most part, however, the game will not be very heavily combat oriented, though there will certainly be the occasional fight with cultists/proxies/police/etc. As such, optimizers and min maxers need not apply; in this game, you can almost count on misfortune finding your characters, meaning, your character will probably die. I will be looking for such traits as good writing and story telling and a willingness to immerse oneself in the world we create.

Touching on the note of character death, briefly, even if the worst should happen, you will still be able to participate in the campaign. I will only elaborate on why and how this works when your character does die, as I feel maintaining a sense of mystery is paramount to creating a properly immersive atmosphere in this context. I want to make sure everyone has a good time with this game, no matter what, so I will be working closely with players to ensure everyone is enjoying themselves.

Character Creation
Rules: Applicants are to only use the rules and materials provided in the d20 3.5 Call of Cthulu handbook.

Ability Scores: Ability scores can will be rolled using the 4d6^3 system. I will allow one reroll, and you must take the second roll no matter what. I encourage people to live with what fate brings them in this game, and work with what they have.

Setting: We will be playing in a contemporary setting for this game, meaning that it will be 2012 when we start. Our game will primarily take place in northern New York State, America in the Albany region. This does not mean your character needs to be native there, but they should at least be aware of the nature of the general area.

Professions: I am quite happy to accept new professions not described in the handbook, as long as you would please PM me the core skills and starting money modifier. Again, minmaxers and optimizers need not apply.

Possessions: You will be allowed to have a spending limit of $2,000 on personal possessions at the start of the game, plus your savings. Characters will also be allowed to have a place to live, be it with family, in an apartment, or in their own house. The same holds true for boats/cars/planes and other major items, so long as it would seem plausible for that character to own such a thing.

Weapons: For the most part, I expect characters to be primarily civilian in nature; though if you can rationalize why a military officer is tagging along in a paranormal investigation, I could see why they might have access to heavy weaponry. For the most part, however, I will only allow small firearms, bows, or hunting guns to be used at the start. If your character happens to come across an assault rifle at some point during the campaign...well...good for them!

In the case of melee weaponry, I can accept your character owning a sword or two if they're an enthusiast for that sort of thing. As with the rules, if you want to use it in an actual fight, they need to be proficient with it; owning it isn't enough. As a general guideline, if it seems plausible, its probably okay. If you have doubts or if I take objection to something, I'll let you know.

Background Please be sure to make a comprehensive and reasonably deep backstory for your character, as I will be judging your character sheet's plausibility primarily on this. Again, if you are making your character extraordinary, I expect an extraordinary background. In order to be considered, it is important that your character has some kind of connection or awareness to The Slender Man, however fleeting.

When submitting an Application, be sure to fill in the following fields, as well as including an attached character sheet:


(A writing sample of your character is not required, but will earn you lots of points towards acceptance)

All character Applications should go here, whether or not they are finished. Any posted on this thread will not be looked at.

Albany New York, June, 2012: A multitude of sightings that match the appearance of the paranormal entity known as "The Slender Man" occur between the weeks of June 7th to the 10th. The ending of these sightings culminates in the supposed arson of a lesser known orphanage; St. Judith's Home for Children in Need. Though the fire results in the complete destruction of the orphanage, many escape with only minor one. Alex Jasenski, a young boy, goes missing. His body cannot be found in the ruins of the building, or in the greater Albany area.

Eyewitness accounts report one sighting of the "Slender Man" on the evening of June 10th, one of the nurses who ran the orphanage seeing "a really tall and thin seven feet tall almost, standing in one of the windows as the building burned. I think it was the smoke, but I couldn't make out his face."

Four months have passed since this incident, and sightings of the Slender Man are on the rise again, particularly in the wooded areas surrounding Albany. This time, however, a series of abductions have been reported, instigating a city-wide panic and search for the one responsible. At the scene of each crime, bloody notes are left. The messages vary most of the time, but the most consistent notes read "Too Late".

The general public recognition of these sightings has drawn a multitude of paranormal enthusiasts and cryptid hunters to the city, who usually are at odds with the locals, who hold the notion that these thrill seekers are exploiting their misfortune. Tensions are high, and results are fleeting. Many still are not aware of the myth of the Slender Man, and those who do still refuse to buy into it. Regardless of belief, however, everyone agrees on one thing; something is very wrong in Albany New York.

Note: While I am aware there is lots of 'canon' mythos surrounding Slender Man, I have my own ideas for what I want the entity to be and do. While I will still use much of the information that has already been established, I will ultimately be taking this enigmatic myth in my own direction.

If you can't handle that, sorry.

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