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Within the Kingdom of Arynn, the most powerful sovereign state on the continent of Mashal, trouble is brewing. The aged king sits idle upon the White Throne, preoccupied with matters of spirituality. He leaves his three sons and two daughters to fight for the right to succeed him, and turns a blind eye as the nobles of his lands ride roughshod over the common folk with little regard for their actions. The Kingdom is polarizing, and it is only a matter of time until the land erupts in a war that will be felt for generations to come...

Strife Unending is a relatively low-magic campaign that will focus more heavily upon roleplaying than combat. Though there will be enough of both, I assure you. I have a few things I need to emphasize about how my game will be run. First and foremost, I want players who are able to play a game with a serious and fairly dark tone. I want good roleplayers who can really get into character (and enjoy it), level of experience with the system isn't too relevant, if you don't know something, ask.

Corresponding to the low-magic setting, technology in the campaign is roughly equivalent to Renaissance Europe. That means guns, among other things. Now devoted sword and sorcery followers, please don't scream blasphemy; they aren't everywhere, and they are expensive (and most classes need to blow a feat to become proficient), but firearms do exist. I have balanced them to the other weapons in the game. Give it a shot.

As for sourcebooks, I am flexible... but if it isn't in the core rulebooks, run it by me. Odds are that there won't be a problem, but I like to make sure. One thing though: NO WARLOCKS!

I want good solid backstories for any submitted character, leave some stuff vague if you like, but I want motivations, some history, personality quirks, etc. This is gonna be a heavy roleplaying campaign that I hope to keep running for a good long time, so I'd like to have some material to tailor early adventures with.

Leave the most recent month of your character's past unexplored. That will involve the plot device used to bring the party together. On that note, I want characters capable of working on a team, so try not to make your PC an utter bastard, I don't need saints, but I'd rather not have someone completely counter to party unity either.

Okay, I've rambled enough, I'll wrap up by saying that I am looking for between 5 and 7 players. If you are interested, post it in the thread provided and I will send you the requisite info to make your character.

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