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Hi I am trying to learn how to GM and am going to try to run a pre-made game. I am probably going to railroad you into following a plot. I am mostly interested in learning how to do mechanics of this for my first game. If it goes well I may run a few more. That said I don't mind any source for this first game. Anyone willing to co-DM would be greatly appreciated but not necessary.
Now for the plot hook

"The great sphinx Ujaset died last night. Before that
time, the people of the surrounding land reported the
occasional appearance of a translucent winged leonine
figure in the skies above. According to local folklore,
this beast sometimes halted the progress of travelers to
trouble them with its clever questions, generously
rewarding those who could answer the sphinx’s riddles.
Perhaps it’s this legend that has drawn the player characters
to the region."

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