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The harsh iciness of the Plain of Leng has claimed the lives of many a foolish traveler. Only the strange tribes of ice fishers and dog-sledders, known as the Esquimaux, dare inhabit the frigid tundra region.

A hapless band of outcasts is exiled to this dread wasteland. Ostracized from their former homes for nebulous reasons, they now shift warily across the frozen plains in search of warmth and shelter.

Yet bizarre and unearthly forces exert their influence over the land, and it isn't long before our unfortunate castaways are mired in ominous intrigue and outlandish adventure...

The Thing on the Plateau is the first part of an ongoing campaign dubbed "Weird Tales". Four other parts are planned.

The style and tone is significantly influenced by the weird fiction of Clark Ashton Smith, H.P. Lovecraft, and Robert E. Howard. The setting is quite far removed from typical fantasy fare, instead taking cues from the peculiar sword and sorcery worlds depicted in early 20th century pulp magazines.

The rule-set is strictly confined to that which is outlined in the Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea core books. The Player's Manual will be provided to potential players through a link. Any one with experience in OD&D through AD&D first edition should find these rules familiar and easy to grasp, as the game is a simulacrum of past editions.

There are firm restrictions in character creation that will be presented in the Game Forum.

Note that while character development and role-play are certainly encouraged, this is not by any standard a freeform game. The rules will be adhered to, as objectively as possible, and character death will not be dismissed or avoided.

Strong grammar and composition skills, as well as the capability to post multiple times a week, are required.

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