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  • Created Oct 26 '12
  • Last Post Jun 11 '13 at 7:03pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Serenity

Game Description

"Earth that was could no longer sustain our numbers, we were so many. We found a new solar system, dozens of planets and hundreds of moons. Each one terra-formed a process taking decades, to support human life, to be new earths. The Central Planets formed the Alliance. Ruled by an interplanetary parliament, the Alliance was a beacon of civilization. The savage outer planets were not so enlightened and refused Alliance control. The war was devastating, but the Alliance's victory over the Independents insured a safer universe. And now everyone can enjoy the comfort, and enlightenment of your civilization."

At least that's one side of the story. Year's just turned 2517 and if you're any bit traveled 'round the 'verse, you know that "civilization" int comfort and enlightenment for everyone. The standard of living has been spread pretty thin, and, well, out here on the rim where our story begins, we're scraping up what little civ'lization we can get from the bottoms of our boots.

If you just crawled out from under a rock, here's what you need to know. A long ways back on Earth-that-was, we ran that well dry and used up all that was to be had. People learned themselves a way to take these otherwise lifeless rocks floating out here and make them worlds habitable. Seems like now we've got hundreds of moons fit for life and dozens of planets that seems to work just right. Way out there, were you to fly straight towards the center of the system, you'd run smack into the White Sun. Bai Hu, as we know her to really be. She's the biggest star in this system. Everything spins round her in one way or another. Round her orbits four smaller stars and 7 substars, each with their own worlds, some large and some still not much more than dusty rocks like this one.

Well, there's much more I could say, but you've got that look like you've seen a bit, got your own story. Is more than coincidence that brings things together. Is much more that gives a person their own tale to tell.

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