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The majestic Sharn, pinnacle of evolution and years of building and re-building over the top of pre-existing foundations and rubble. The squalor of the lower city can almost be ignored when one sits high in their seat of luxury. In Sharn, there are many such individuals- each with a different chequered past, almost none who obtained the seat through rightful means.

Two towers stand tall above all. Alpha and Omega towers, right in the centre of the City of Towers.

The Alpha Tower is run by House Cannith, famed for its patented Creation Patterns. The other is run by House Ghallanda, whose Patriach has risen to power through owning over half the bars, inns and brothels in the city. House Deneith supplies to both Towers and runs contracts for each party- you are one such contract.

House Deneith has hired four mercenaries to enter into Alpha Tower and provide security for House Cannith- whether or not they've done the same for Omega tower is unknown to you- nor will it ever be made any of your business unless you are face to face with a another mercenaries blade. You are well known throughout Sharn for a number of reasons- the highest of which is that you are an all Warforged mercenary group- a fact which draws no small amount of interest from vested parties.

The reason for your hiring pertains to odd happenings within Alpha tower. The Tower Guard have had a number of men killed and are on high alert at all times, additionally- more than one Creation Pattern has gone missing. The Matriarch of House Cannith, Grand Mistress Denathorn, has outsourced the necessary third interest parties to resolve the issue. You have been given four weeks to find the root of the problem- and exterminate it.

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