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Setting introduction
The land of Triman had for a long time time suffered under a brutal civil war, where different warlords lead their followers to the capitol Jarslav to demand the crown of the dead king Vladmir. Raiders from foreign land plundered at the border, and former soldiers and mercenaries banded together as brigands and highwaymen to plunder the villages.

Then the High Patriarch presented the kingdom the son of Vladmir, the young prince Ratmir. The beggar-knights of the patriarch and the people supported him against the warlords, and he was able to seize the throne.
You were all champions in king Ratmirs army, defeating the warlords and the brigands and the foreign raiders, and are now enjoying the stability that he brought as heroes of the people.
But as the king has grown older, there has been more and more disagreement with the old High Patriarch, culminating in the withdrawal of the beggar-knights right to act as law enforcers and then the beggar-knights refusal to disarm or take orders from the king and his men.

Practical stuff:
This will be a role play driven game set in the homebrew world of Triman (east Europe/medieval Slavic flavoured world)

1. This is a setting with humans as the only playable character race
2. The groups purpose will be good aligned, but you can be neutral or evil as long as you have a strong motivation to follow the group and aid it and its causes
3. I want at least half a page, but no more than one page of background for the character. The background should have details about more than just growing up. Remember that you are to play a competent 10th lvl adventurer!

Character creation:
lvl 14, 50 point buy, no stats above 18 at first lvl
human only
half hp each lvl
wealth by lvl
no psionics or tome of battle

Approved books:
Players handbook 1 & 2
All Complete books are ok
Unearthed Arcana
Book of Vile Deeds, Book of Exalted Deeds
Libris Mortis
Fiendish Codex 1 & 2

Request anything else, but no books bringing in new mechanics, like Tome of Battle / Complete Psionics

Character submission link
Setting info link

Please ask questions in the recruitment or discussion thread, not by pm. If you need to ask something secret, please use private tags

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