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The jungles and ruins of Xen'Drik have always been synonymous with adventure, anthropology, and the mysteries of magic. There are riches to be found within the shattered Giant empire, treasures beyond widest imaginings for any brave enough to take it. While this association is often correct, for some people it has a more deadly connotation. Not everyone who enters comes back, and not everyone who comes back returns whole.

One such individual is Boroman ir’Dayne, founder of the Wayfinder Foundation and ex-eplorer extrordinare. Several years ago an expedition he led into the jungles returned with him afflicted by a wasting curse, one for which no one has been able to procure a remedy for. He has kept up a nonchalant front, but has sunk most of his fortune into expeditions into Xen'drik, secretly hoping that some day an explorer would stumble out of the jungle clutching a vial of some miracle elixir.

Time is not on his side however. Over the past few weeks, his condition has grown worse. His closest friend and Wayfinder trustee Vikan Buristal, suspects fowl play, but knows that unless is cured catching the culprit will be too little too late. For this purpose he has gathered together the best of the Wayfinder from among those he trusts. One pathfinder to seek out ruins of note, one scholar to work with the ruins, two warriors to keep danger at bay, and one medic to keep everyone in fighting form. Vikan has opened the Wayfinder vaults to the group and written them a letter of credit to equip themselves for the journey.

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Hi, this is my second time DMing, first time doing it play-by-post. Subsequently I'm going to try to keep the campaign simple; you're members of the Wayfinder Foundation who've been sent into the jungle to find a miracle cure for your ailing benefactor. I'm looking for five players to fill four basic rolls;
two fighters (Bodyguards),
a scholar
a pathfinder
a medic.
You can play any class you like, and any race you like, but please try to stick to the roll you choose to fill.

Bounce ideas off each other Here

You can use most published WotC 3.5 source books, but please try to stay away from setting-specific stuff. Eberron is the only setting I have source material for.

Character Specifics:
Starting Level: 8
Prestige Classes: You can have one prestige class going on each side of your leveling, but you have to finish the progression before taking a new one.
Starting Wealth: 5400g + Choice of two magic items (Wondrous, magic armor and weapons, grafts), whose total value should not exceed 20k
LA: Try to stay away from level adjustment races. If they have LA, I'm counting that as class levels on one side of your progression. (I.E. Drow 2, Ranger 6 || Fighter 8)
Flaws and Traits:You can have Character Flaws and Traits, up to two of each. You do get bonus feats for the flaws.
Alignment: Any, though I will be holding you to the alignment you choose.
Hit Points: Max + Level + Con for levels 1-3, HD + Level + Con after that.
Stats Rolls: 8m4d8+2^3r1 (I know that's big, but you're going into the deep jungle. Expect danger.)
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