The War of Shadows

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"Stories are full of shining knights, brave heroes, and daring adventurers facing overwhelming odds to defeat evil. Of valiant sacrifices and the rallying against the dark for final stands. Of people doing the right thing because it's the right thing. Such is the nature of stories after all. The impossible is possible, and good always beats evil in the end.That is not to say they are not good or entirely false, but stories are meant to inspire a better future rather than show a darker truth.

"Come children, gather round closer and I shall tell you a tale unlike any other. A tale of villains both dark and light, of the corruption and salvation that is power, and the burden and freedom that comes with a crown. For this is the tale of the War of the Shadows, and unlike the stories the troupe does of Knight Gaelan and his Sword of a Hundred Kings, this tale is absolutely true.

"So move in close you rascals, and keep your eyes from the fire. For this story, watch the shadows instead."

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