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The year is 2036, and it is the dawn of a new age of mankind. Although there has been rampant speculation for as long as anyone can remember about the existence of aliens and super-powered humans, it has only been within the last 5 years that these beings have made themselves known. Nobody is quite sure anymore which happened first – either aliens landed on Earth bringing about the need for super-powered humans, or super-powered humans emerged on Earth bringing about the need for aliens to protect us from ourselves. The one thing that is certain is that they are both here, and they both appear to be here for good.

Fear is what drives mortals to do some of the worst things. Some of the most despicable acts ever carried out have been due to the fear of the unknown or mis-understood. And the evolution of our own species, combined with the discovery that we are not alone in the universe, has caused a widespread panic amongst all of mankind across the entire globe. This panic has, inevitably, led to all super-powered beings and aliens being classified as dangerous and evil.

62 countries around the world have created, passed, and implemented some form of anti-superhero legislation. In the worst pieces of legislation, such as those in Sudan, Chad, Yemen, and Iran, being accused and convicted of being a super-powered human or alien brings the death penalty. In some of the more refined countries, such as Japan, Canada, and England, super-powered beings must be registered as such, along with their abilities, contacts, personal background, and any other information as required by the government. In some militaristic countries, such as China, North Korea, and Russia, super-powered beings are encouraged to come forth so that they may be studied and their abilities replicated for the military.

America has always been known for tolerance and understanding, but the new threat of super-powered beings and aliens has caused mass hysteria in all levels of government. The fear of not being able to protect our own borders has caused 27 states to have passed some form of anti-superhero legislation. And there is a growing concern among the people that state law may not be enough. While the states have the power to create and pass any legislation they choose, none of the state laws makes it a crime to be a super-powered being or alien so long as the person or alien comes forward and registers as such. Failure to register is a crime, and does carry a jail sentence.

The problem with registration in America, and elsewhere in the world, is that the super-beings are out in public, with their true identities always known by all. And with so many people being afraid of being on the wrong end of a super-powered being, some areas of the country have been hit by riots and lynch mobs, ready to take care of the super-being “problem”. So most super-powered beings do not make themselves known. Fear, again, has caused the evolution of mankind to take a temporary backseat.

To quell the publics fears about super-powered beings, and to make registration mandatory no matter what state you live in, legislation was introduced into the House of Representatives by Secoro Gonzalez, a Republican from New Mexico. The bill has gained serious traction, and a vote on it is expected any day now. If it should pass the House, it will go on to the Senate where it is expected to sit until after the coming presidential election. And then the fate of the bill will rest in the hands of whomever wins.

The Democratic candidate, the incumbent President Alice Darford, is against the anti-superhero legislation. She feels that forcing super-beings and aliens to register is akin to being in Germany during World War II. She fears that forcing them to register will only encourage lynch mobs and rioters to seek out the super-beings and cause them harm. She refuses to put anybody in harm’s way unless absolutely necessary, and therefore would veto the legislation should it pass and get to her desk.

The Republican candidate, New Mexico Governor Prio Gonzalez, is for the anti-superhero legislation. Like his twin brother Secoro, Prio feels that super-powered beings and aliens should make themselves known to all. He is quoted on multiple occasions as saying that to allow them to move secretly among us is to threaten our own borders and homeland security from within. Should the legislation pass and make it to his desk, he would sign it into law almost immediately.

In the polls currently, Prio is killing Alice. The general public feels that super-beings should be registered, and that they are a threat to the American way of life. The public stands behind any man or woman who is willing to stand up for their rights, even if it means taking away the rights of some citizens. And that’s exactly how the superhero community feels – their rights are being taken away.

So this is where you are. In a country that wants to make you an outsider when all you want to do is help. Thankfully you are in Chicago, where there is no anti-superhero legislation. You are free to be yourself – your true self – should you choose to do that. All you really have to do is wait until the opportunity to be yourself presents itself…

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