Three Kingdoms Twice Condemned

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This is a homebrew world where dragons rule, warfare, tyranny and slavery are the way of those with the greatest power, and the gods and all their blessings have disappeared from the world.

It's as much my own invention as I've ever managed thus far... except, of course, for those aspects determined by the players themselves.

I have three new PC races, three new pantheons (though not all extensive ones), and a whole bunch of complicated politics, much ado about dragons and their relatives. Now let's try some plot weaving.The three kingdoms are sundered... again. No-one could possibly have known it, but the First Shattering, that left the Red and Silver kingdoms without their lords, was only the beginning. On that eve that Ilkhamen fell, and two wandering mandar turned to see it's horrible, inevitable descent...
...the world was broken once again, lost the only strength it had left to lose. The strength of healing magic, blessings, curses, all forms of channeling... were gone, along with any sign of another world beyond the edge mountains which remain unexplored by mundane, and the horizons beyond the coasts of the kingdoms...
Now, in a world forsaken by the gods, ripped from its place in the universe, life, against all odds and in the face of the greatest troubles for generations, goes on.
Gaolish workers venture down to the plains to haul great blocks of stone. Con men in their crowded taverns turn profits they do not truly deserve. A young mandar seeks her fortune, a lost girl seeks her people, a farmhand with a strange skill for archery seeks adventure, wherever it may be found. And a city rogue seeks a clever fellow survivor whose finesse caught his eye...

Welcome, to a world shaken by plague and shattered by unnatural disaster.


to three kingdoms twice condemned.

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