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The Breakdown

  • Level 20
  • Only basic races (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Half Orc)
  • 7m4d6v1r1 is your stat point generation (Point buy is not an option)
  • HP is rolled every level bar first, first is max
  • Standard Wealth by level (Do keep in mind- Weight will play an issue and I want to see the weight breakdown) At least some of the wealth must be spent on land, holdings, staffing etc.
  • Applications that are one of the three following will be given preference;
  • Straight 20 build
  • Straight build and one prestige class
  • Multiclass of two classes (no dips) Prestige only if both classes were required for prerequisites
  • A note that I will only be accepting one caster class
  • Allowable Sources:
  • SRD
  • Core (Including PHBII)
  • All Completes
  • All Races of except Eberron
  • Spell Compendium (If a spell appears in Spell Compendium and another source- Spell Compendium is the "True" reference
  • Magic Item Compendium (As above)
  • Tome of Battle (Warblade and Swordsage only)

Who am I?

My name be Matt, mateys. /endpirateintroduction

I'm actually new to DM'ing but am loving it so much in RL with my current campaign that I thought I would run one on the weave as well. I've been following y'all here for some time now and you seem like a good bunch of eggs. I have a grand sense of humor until someone pushes my patience too far. I don't like know it alls or rules lawyers- I'm entitled to "slip" occasionally- if I do a heads up PM is acceptable but calling it out in a thread is not. I am helpful but also like to be given help, I like to nurture a character idea if its a solid concept even if it means stepping on some rules a little.

Will this work?

I am confident in a Level 20 campaign because I intend to only accept people with a high post count, dedication to their current games and an eye for good grammar and punctuation. There's a lot of leg work in a Level 20 campaign so I'm sorry to exclude anyone below 500 posts- I really need to see you're sticking in there for the semi long haul at least.

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