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  • Created Nov 12 '12
  • Last Post Feb 25 '13 at 7:48pm
  • Status Complete
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Game Description

Efate/Regina (Spinward Marches 1705)

The date is 1114 Imperial, all hail to the health of Emperor Stephen, and the Imperial Navy has declared Martial Law in the Efate system. The situation planetside is chaos with no confirmation of the status of any of the members of the Publican Council although rumors claim they are either all dead, alive, or rebels. Imperial policy is non-interferance in local governance, but the highest technological hub in the Regina Subsector and home of 213rd Imperial Base can not be allowed to fall.

Gana Del'Rish, the noted dispute negotiator of the Regina food riots, has been asked for by the rebel group calling themselves the Army for Imperial Reform (AIR) as a way to put an end to the violence. They offer safe passage to her and a small group of escorts (No Imperial Soldiers!) to meet with their leader Jared Ebb about a Ceasefire to hostility.

Can these rebels be trusted, or could they be luring the famed diplomat into a trap to be used as a bargaining chip?

Players: 6
System: Mongoose Traveller

So, while this isn't my first PbP rodeo, I've been "retired" for several years. I'm looking forward to getting my whistle wet with a few games and this is intended as a short series of adventures which I might stretch out to a Part 2 if the Storyline develops that way.

For player expectations I always want

This is a game! LEts have fun!
Rule 1 to come first.

That being said, I also ask that players post once a day Mon-Fri with weekends being optional or at least read what is going on if they are not actively in a scene.

The players will all be a very hodgepodge group from any walk of life under the command of Captain Killian aboard the Freetrader Artemis. How you came to be here is up to you and the dice gods as Traveller character creation often takes on a mind of it's own.

Applicants can go here for character creation.

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