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  • Created Nov 13 '12
  • Last Post Jun 19 '13 at 12:54pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Pathfinder

Game Description

You've killed the wizard. Your first big quest, and you're not dead. Excellent! Now a quick rest, and then to loot the lab... But now it's all gone pear-shaped. A burst of light, a tinkle of shattering crystal, and you feel wrong. Something's wrong. You don't feel like you anymore. And someone won't stop screaming. Inside your head.

Let's do something different. This game will be a Pathfinder Gestalt game (we'll be using the d20 gestalt rules) with a twist. Each gestalt will be built from two character apps, and will be controlled by two people. I will choose 6 apps, and randomly combine them. I will say that there will be at least 1 ea. arcane, divine, skill monkey, and tank character, but they will be combined randomly (did I mention that it's going to be random?). The only thing I will tweak is if we wind up with a Wiz/Soc, because that's going to get silly fast.

During role-play, it's a FFA. Either player can talk for the character. Assume that NPC's, and to an extent other characters, don't know which half is talking. You've been adventuring together for a short while, so (much like people can learn to tell identical twins apart), you're companions will probably know which half is which most of the time. This sort of thing is not normal in this setting, so you may want to hide it from the outside world (or not).

During roll-play, we will roll d2. That means one of you will be in charge. You can consult with your other half, but one of you has final say that round. If you don't respond within 24 hours, you will be assumed to have 'choked' or 'panicked', and your other half will decide for you. Both halves will have control of all the characters powers.

If one half of your team is way more available to post, we will work something out so you both feel like you are contributing equally.

Each 'team' will have a private thread, which I promise not to read. If you want to collaborate a lot, that is totally cool. If you never want to talk OOC, that is also cool. Assume that 'half-to-half' conversation is private, unless you want to share it. There are still two separate personalities, so keeping secrets from your other half is fine. Also, I think it would be really interesting if we had one char. where the two halves did NOT get along, but I won't force it.

For the gestalting, we will arbitrarily pick one of the races (unless they happen to be human-elf or human-orc, in which case we will go with the half-breed race) if they differ, same with the genders. We will be doing 25 pb. You need to agree with your other half on how to spend points, feats, etc., or, alternately, I can do it for you if you want to go the whole 'I-hate-my-other-halves-guts' route.

Almost anything in the PFSRD is ok, but ask me if you want to use a non-core race, or a really complicated archetype (one that changes the base class a lot). Try not to go with insane builds, and stick to 1 class. You will start at level 3. This game will already have tons of book-keeping.

I'm not going to produce a super complicated setting, but I am going to try to keep the roll and role play aspects equal. My hope is that the interplay between characters keeps things interesting. I will say that we are starting almost immediately with combat.

If one half drops out, I will get someone to take over that half. If both halves drop, I will kill of that character and get two new players.

For your app, include at least a name, race and class. A sheet of who your character was before the 'merge' (or whatever we call it) is optional. Include enough detail to make me WANT your character in my game. Spending a ton of time on appearance is probably a poor choice (because this WILL change).

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