As the Leaf Changes

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  • Created Nov 14 '12
  • Last Post Apr 28 '14 at 8:28am
  • Status Complete
  • System Naruto D20

Game Description

SettingThe game will be based in the Naruto world, however I readily admit I have not read the manga, and have not seen all the episodes. that being said, the game will feature a cast of ninja created by me and will omit certain events that may have occurred. This will lead to a few more choices for the players in their character creation. That being said the players will begin as Genin of the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

PlotI'd rather not give many surprises away, but the story line will follow the players' comprising two three man genin cells as they go through their careers as young shinobi.

The game begins with all the characters having been genin for a long enough term to be considered somewhat capable. Due to high demand on the Village's Jounin, each cell is being led by a Chuunin. Several days before the game's start both squads were called to the Hokage to be handed a mission. It was there that the Hokage spoke calmly to you about the scroll you now are carrying. The scroll is said to contain the location of several strategically placed Shinobi around the land.

You have been tasked to deliver the scroll to the Village Hidden in the Sand, once delivered, Sand Ninja will be sent to back up the various Leaf Shinobi around the land in various Missions. Simply put it is a plan detailing joint operations between the two Villages.

In order to ensure the scroll's safety two Squads were chosen. While the scroll is not expected to generate much interest in any of the Leaf's enemies, it ranks just high enough to be protected but not high enough to warrant higher ranked shinobi.

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