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This is an adventure that is designed for level 1 through level 2 for a party of 4. Based off of the introductory campaign in the Eberron Campaign setting, it is highly "Eberron themed." Starting in Sharn, city of towers, this adventure is designed to introduce a party to the world of Eberron.

There are 2 GM's for this game. Derrick_Korbin and Urdomen. We tried GM'ing a game before, The Light Eternal, and while it was extremely fun and had some amazing players (thank you all) it was an overambitious undertaking to create a entire world. Learning from our mistakes, this campaign will be a much more realistic undertaking.

This time, we bought several adventures and have converted most of the material to a PBP format. This will still be a highly adaptive game, but instead of off the cuff writing, there will be a world that we can draw from.

With the content created, Urdomen will be dropping to a player role. We are looking for 3 more adventurers to create a party of 4 for this game.

Character Creation

In short, we are looking for a well rounded party. Urdomen will be playing a "Bardarian", focusing on support, combat control, and general utility. We are looking for a skill monkey, caster, and combat role. We love the Eberron setting, so the more Eberron flavor (races, classes or feats) that your character adds, the more likely you will be a good fit for the game.

Content will be strictly limited to the base rule set and the Eberron campaign setting. As players progress in levels we are happy to accomodate the "flavor" of the character with supplementary rulesets, but build your characters out with very general rules. Evil alignments are restricted for starting play. If you wish to play an evil alignment, start neutral, and describe the fall of your character over time.

For more information, please visit the Character Creation Sheet.


Learning from past mistakes, we have learned that it is best not to have an overly high posting rate. As such, there will be a strict posting schedule that we will adhere to as much as possible. The simple fact is, life happens. If you cannot post for a while, all we need is some heads-up, and we can definitely work around your schedule.

The posting rate of this game will be largely determined by the players. Include your desired posting rate with your application, and work with the other players to find something that works.
Role-Call - Once a week, if you haven't posted or are unable to post, just give everyone a heads up.

Once a week -Large Plot Posts will be about once a week to drive the story forward. As most content is pre-generated, this will most likely be tailoring the post to the party's actions (unless the PC's do something really crazy.) >.>
Daily updates for talking points, roll results, and general interaction with the world. Basically whatever is needed to keep the game from stalling, but not necessarily pushing the game ahead.

About the Setting - Eberron (Excerpt from Eberron Campaign Setting)

The features that most set Eberron apart are its tone and attitude. The setting combines traditional medieval fantasy with pulp action and dark adventure. Make no mistake—the world of Eberron proudly takes its place among the D&D worlds that have come before, with a cinematic flair and an eye toward the best action-adventure movies ever filmed. The campaign’s story elements were designed with this in mind, and we also built it into the game mechanics with the introduction of action points into the D&D game.

The world of Eberron has a rich history built on heroic deeds, evolving magic, and the wounds of a long, devastating war. In the wake of this Last War, action, adventure, good, evil, and a thousand shades of gray paint the land- scape in broad, powerful strokes, and ancient mysteries await discovery so that they too can influence the world and its people.

Magic is built into the very fabric of the setting. It pervades and influences everyday life. It provides certain comforts and conveniences unknown in either the modern world or any world of medieval fantasy. Great cities where castles scrape the sky can be found throughout the continent of Khorvaire, and a thriving aristocracy of merchant families controls much of the world’s economy thanks to the edge given them by the mysterious and rare dragonmarks.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, all classes and races. They travel the world, battling villains and recovering fabulous treasure, dealing with over-the-top action, harrowing challenges, cliffhanger situations, narrow escapes, and ominous mysteries that are as likely to shed light on centuries of secrets as they are to threaten the safety of the current day.

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