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The PCs are sent to Xen'drik to look for an ancient sword - the Serpent's Blade. The characters couldn't have came ot Xen'drik at a worse time. It seems something horrible has happened... and the inhabitants are preparing for war.

The game will begin in Xen'drik (and most likely end there as well), in Stormreach. The beginning will have the action/adventure feel for the most part but it will quickly turn into a blazing war in the fierce jungle. The players will have to deal with natural threats, the hostile inhabitants of Xen'drik, the native beasts, and an even bigger threat...

(I think thats what I put here... first game an' all)Shri'Tri handed the exotic blade to the Yuan-Ti priest. The priest, in turn, handed it to the leader of the serpents. The crimson, muscular warrior ran his finger down the blade, letting a trickle of blood flow out of the cut. The serpentine warrior let out a shrill cry, war was upon them.

The warforged scout motioned for the others to follow. His small frame hiding him from the drow's view. It was peaceful, the calm before the storm. All that could be heard were chirping birds and the whispers of the drow scouts below. A low growl was heard, and then the thumpings of metal meeting earth. Again and again and again. The chargers had been released.

"We are warriors," nearby shadows seemed to flow towards the dark elf, "We are gifted," he vanishes in a puff of smoke, demonstrating his powers to the others, "We are masters of the shadows we serve," the plethora of white tattoos on the drow glow, "This is not a game. We will win." His scimatar drifts through the air towards him, "Any questions?"

The fire giant cracked its large knuckles. "I am master of ancient secrets and arcane powers," he flicks the bound drow with his large finger, "And you, puny elf, think you can defeat me?"

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